Festival of Color

Behaviour Profiling & Team Dynamics

Bringing a new dimension to individual and team development.

Colour profiling behaviour profiling C-me

Getting the best out of yourself and others, helping individuals and teams release their in built preferences and strengths.

C-me uses the universal language of colour to bring psychology to life. Colour behaviour profiling is a fun and enjoyable way to engage teams, build relationships and increase co-operation within a group.

  • Build teams based on strengths and contribution

  • Create more effective communication

  • Enable higher levels of engagement

  • Establish stronger, more resilient teams with higher retention rates

  • Stimulate more productive engagements with clients

  • Enhance team performance and productivity

The Vizabl Application of C-me

Vizabl deploy behaviour profiling tools across organisations from construction to waste and recycling working with diverse teams from administrative functions to construction teams and senior leadership teams. This may be in support of ongoing organisational change, such as safety culture change, or as a stand alone project or intervention. The flexibility in application of behaviour profiling means that the opportunities for individual and team development are endless.

For individuals


See yourself how others do

Understand yourself

Understand others

Develop Effective Communication

Improve relationships

For Teams

Understand and appreciate one another’s strengths and differences

Understand each others value and contribution to the team

Communicate more effectively with one another

Co-operate more effectively


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