C-me Colour Profiling. Bringing a new dimension to safety and wellbeing development.

C-me Colour Profiling is a tool that allows you to discover how to get the best from yourself, your team and others. It gives you valuable insights to communicate more effectively, develop better teams and excel at what comes naturally.

Vizabl colour profiling using C-me reveals the unseen behavioural preferences that influence our everyday being, individual contribution, communication preferences and many other aspects of performance and team contribution.

C-me uses the universal language of colour to bring the psychology to life. C-me is fun. It is an enjoyable way to engage teams, build relationships and increase productivity within a group.

  • More effective communication

  • Stronger teams with higher retention rates

  • More productive engagements with clients

  • Enhanced team performance and productivity





Vizabl apply C-me insights with clients in furthering safety and wellbeing, opening a world of discovery and possibility that safety climate surveys alone cannot expose.

Vizabl Applications of C-me

Understanding perceptions and the listening we create for people

Team balance in productivity & safety performance

Building environments of openness and honesty (Challenge and Learning)

Effective communication and personal impact

Personal and team awareness

Enabling common understanding in a multi-national workforce

Building effective safety change teams

Getting the best from front line production teams

For individuals


Understand yourself

Understand others

Communicate preferences

Improve relationships

For Teams


Core outcomes for any team of using C-me colour profiling reports include:


An increased understanding of one another’s strengths

An increased understanding of each person’s value to the team

An increased ability to communicate effectively with one another


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