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I've been tremendously fortunate to have had 35 years working with, and for, some exceptionally passionate leaders and been part of some extremely forward thinking organisations.


This experience has been enjoyed from a variety of perspectives, from being on the tools as an electrical & electronics engineer, as an operational leader in the marine, manufacturing and construction sectors and senior consultant in leadership and safety culture change, operating in a variety of sectors.


I also count myself privileged to have witnessed first-hand some momentous projects over this time, and continue to do so both above and below ground working with organisations who transform our skyline, our infrastructure and people’s lives. I’m frequently in awe at the commitment, imagination and technical prowess that people bring to what they do, challenging accepted boundaries and going beyond what has always been thought possible.


This challenge of the status quo isn’t just restricted to engineering accomplishment or technological advances; there are an increasing number of industry leaders committing to the elimination of harm in what they do, realising different outcomes for their people and their organisations. There are, I believe, countless numbers of people going home to their families today who would not otherwise have done so had these leaders followed a different path, or not challenged the established way. However, just a cursory glance at HSE statistics will show that there is still much to do, with close to three lives a week still being lost in the UK workplace and thousands of people suffering catastrophic and life changing injuries.


Three and a half decades in industry supporting operational teams have shaped my passion for a change in the way we lead people; to build humanity and authenticity in the workplace, building strong human connections where engagement, openness and trust drive results. Not only is this particularly relevant in safety and wellbeing, but also in creating the immense possibilities that become accessible when hearts, minds and culture become aligned with organisational goals.


I formed Vizabl to deliver on this passion.

Andy Littlecott

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