Relational Safety
​Vizabl bring Relational Safety to organisations, building an engaged, productive and prosperous workplace with a clear focus on the organisations strategic direction in safety.

Relational Safety is not a programme of activities, it is the way an organisation is in safety and wellbeing, thereby making it sustainable and responsive to the constantly changing work environment.

The approach;


  • Develops openness, honesty and learning

  • Builds relationships and trust across all levels

  • Builds engagement and contribution

  • Has people be empowered in pursuing shared goals in safety and wellbeing

  • Develops people and leadership

  • Measures progress and is forward looking

  • Is adaptive in nature, responding to circumstances

The relational approach is multi-faceted and people centred, where the collective become engaged in conversation and joint action around a common goal in safety and wellbeing.


Most importantly, it is practical, uncomplicated and adaptive.


Behavioural Insights 

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