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“Change is the only constant in life” Heraclitus


In organisations, as in life, change is constant. Organisations are communities and social entities which are continually evolving in response to situational forces and the conditions leaders create. Whether intended or not, change is an ever present aspect of organisations, question is, is it taking you where you want to go?

Safety workshops, behaviour profiling, engagement, culture change

Vizabl bring Relational tools to organisations as a means of leveraging positive change. By having people be engaged in strategic goals and developing the conditions that support a guided shift in hearts and minds.

Aligning culture and the way people think, feel and behave with strategic goals is crucial to realising sustainable performance gains and competitive edge.

Vizabl engage across organisations and their key stakeholders at all levels and in a variety of ways to suit the outcomes required. We utilise advanced tools such as C-me Colour Profiling, experiential learning, cross functional engagement workshops, ad-hoc walk in "surgeries" or one on one consultations to develop individuals and teams on the journey to safety change and the elimination of harm.

Some of our feedback ......

"Good programme design, delivery style, and the ability to get people highly engaged are all critical elements to the success of any safety leadership or culture improvement programme in my experience. Andy is one of the best I’ve seen in this field"
With Vizabl you'll get a relaxed and informal approach based on mutual trust and clear goals. We don't like things to be over complicated or steeped in consultant jargon and academic theories. The approach is built on sound research, decades of operational experience, safety change experience and cultural understanding built across a variety of industry sectors.
How does that play out in practice?
  • We build trust and credibility.
  • We have a pragmatic approach.
  • We listen to your concerns.
  • We work with integrity and humanity - always.
  • Feedback, openness and honesty is bilateral.
  • We'll always explain why something is needed or not needed.
  • Our work is specific to your organisation.
  • We are small, responsive and cost effective.
  • Results are always personal.
"If anyone is looking to improve their organisation's safety record, or who wants a safety-focused culture, Andy's the guy"
"Thank you Vizabl and Andy for what you have given to our business"

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